Racial Justice

The Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance acknowledge that racism is a root cause for many of the societal challenges that nonprofits are working to solve. We recognize that without a serious effort to address racism in our society, many of our local nonprofits will not successfully accomplish their missions. While the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance isn’t an expert in matters of racism, we have committed to be a coordinator for ongoing learning and development for the nonprofit sector. Below you will find the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance’s organizational statement and commitment to racial justice as well as some resources to better understand racism and its impact on our community.

LNA’s Statement and Commitment to Racial Justice: In light of the recent spotlight placed on racial injustice in our country, the staff and board of the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance (LNA) feels strongly that it is our responsibility to articulate our view on this matter and what we as an organization will commit to doing in the weeks, months, and years ahead in response. In doing this, we recognize that we don’t have all the answers and will likely make mistakes along the way…. READ MORE

Resources: Before we can activate around racial justice, we must be rooted in an understanding of racism and how it shows up in our society. Below we include a basic introduction to some key concepts to better understand racism. We emphasize “basic” as this is meant to be introductory. We also include some references to additional resources if you would like to further your learning.

Short Videos and Articles to Understand Basic Racism Concepts:

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