Supporting the nonprofits that make our community great.

More about LNA

Who we are.

Just like the nonprofits we serve, we’re a nonprofit with a unique mission and history, a great team, and core beliefs and values. We’d love to share more with you about these aspects of the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance.

What We Value

Our values guide everything we do.


We partner with existing businesses, organizations, and resources in our community to carry out our mission, and help nonprofits carry out theirs. We build connections, facilitate conversations, and celebrate our members. Our goal is to lead by example, and encourage collaboration among our members, supporters, and the larger community.


It’s important to provide high quality resources to our members, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. We send out surveys, communicate regularly as a staff and board, research leading industry best practices, and we’re not afraid to take a risk, make a mistake, or innovate.


Every relationship is built on trust, including our relationship with our members. We protect our members’ privacy, and we create a safe space for them to interact together and share with vulnerability. We are a reliable partner when neutral facilitation and/or convening is needed. We also act with integrity by doing what we say we are going to do and owning up to our failures when we make mistakes.


As a team, we desire to promote inclusion, diversity, and accessibility within our organization while supporting other nonprofits in doing the same. We will purposely engage others with diverse perspectives as well as encourage diversity of opinions during programs and when we hire staff or select board or committee members. We acknowledge and celebrate the strengths and differences in others.


Our members are the reason we exist. We continually seek member feedback, consult with members when making changes, and meet one-on-one with members to intentionally connect. We also stay in regular communication with members, promising to respond to questions within 48 hours.

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However you want to be a part of our organization, you’re welcome at the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance. Whether you’re a nonprofit, a corporation, or an individual, you can become an LNA member to take advantage of our nonprofit resources. Or you can donate financially or become a sponsor.