The Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance (LNA) is a membership organization that serves nonprofits in the Greater Ottawa County Area. We believe that through collaboration, a strong nonprofit sector builds a stronger community.

What Does LNA Membership Look Like?

LNA provides programs and services that help nonprofit organizations build staff/board capacity, achieve operational excellence, leverage resources efficiently, and strengthen community connections. These offerings equip our members with the knowledge, tools and networks to move their missions forward and drive organizational and community impact.

LNA considers the greatest issues of the nonprofit sector as a whole and serves as the common voice of the nonprofit community. By first listening to the needs of its members, both individually and collectively, LNA responds to those needs using pre-designed as well as customized solutions. Where LNA cannot meet the need, effort is made to connect nonprofits with the right experts and resources that can. Some of the specific advantages of LNA Membership include:



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