About Us

Ottawa County is a special place to live, work and raise a family. There are many reasons why this place is special, including its legacy of entrepreneurship and successful companies, a strong faith tradition, and a great education system as well as the beautiful scenic shores that make West Michigan a highly sought-after tourist destination. As essential as all of these attributes are, it is one of our core beliefs that our nonprofit community, and the contribution they make every day, is a major contributor to what makes this place great!


We believe that nonprofits are a cornerstone of what makes this community great.

Contrary to the vital role they play in our community, most of our area nonprofits do not have the tools and resources they need to be successful. Donors often give to an organization’s mission focus and not to “overhead,” which includes staff development and strengthening organization infrastructure in areas such as technology, human resources, marketing, etc. The Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance exists to help fill gaps in those areas by providing nonprofits the support they need to develop staff and instill best practices within their organization.


To strengthen the ability of nonprofit organizations to successfully accomplish their missions by working together.

Our primary focus is to listen to the needs, challenges and frustrations of local nonprofits and work to provide high-quality, low-cost benefits and services in response. We believe that collaboration is such a key part of the solution that we include “by working together” as part of our Mission Statement. Simply put, none of us can succeed in isolation.


A Valued, Effective and Sustainable Nonprofit Sector.

If the Lakeshore Nonprofit Alliance is successful in achieving its mission by helping our collective nonprofit community achieve their missions, then our vision for the nonprofit sector will become reality.


Our actions directly reflect our Guiding Values:

• Collaboration
• Excellence
• Inclusion
• Member-driven
• Trust